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Our Mission :              "To provide rounded Christian education through internationally recognized curricula, designed to enable learners                                          excel and develop their God-given talents in a dynamic learning environment."

Rounded Education

Rounded education is beyond academics but has a broader objective of holistic child development:

                                   ::             mental development with focus on ‘state-of-the-heart’ has the twin objective of academic

                                                  excellence and maximising individual potential based on God-given talents. Apart from

​                                                  core academic subjects, ​there will be emphasis on Information Technology, Creative Arts

                                                  and Performing Arts based on ​ learners’ individual talents and preferences.

                                   ::             physical development through impartation of life skills for effective communication, role

​                                                  play in teams inter-personal relationships, self-management through self-discipline and

                                                  self-control, recreation and competitive sports.​

                                   ::             spiritual development through Bible-based teachings for a close relationship with God

​                                                  and character formation. Livingsprings believes in godly values, which are not only good

​                                                  for this life, but eternity with God. Livingsprings will, therefore, teach God-centered ​

                                                  eternal principles and value.

Internationally Recognized Curricula

The Livingsprings Schools runs ACSI’s Christian education curriculum integrated with British and Nigerian curricula as well as Montessori teaching methods.

Learners Who Will Always Excel

The Livingsprings Schools consistently pursues rigorous academic standards. Inevitably, scholars produced by our schooling system are guaranteed to be academically exceptional as well as globally competitive in the world of learning and work vocation.

Acknowledged God-given Talents

According to Proverbs 18:16, “A man’s gift makes room for him.” Education is good (and that is why we are in business) but it does not necessarily accelerate or guarantee success in life. The key to accelerated success is the God-given gift in every man and woman discovered, nurtured, developed and unleashed for the advancement of mankind. There are many Phds struggling in life because their education has not quite brought out their God-given gifts. Yet, there are those with limited education or, indeed, without any university degree whatsoever, who have excelled in their chosen careers. The difference is that the latter have discovered, developed and maximized their innate talent or gift. Prominent examples are Michelangelo (art), Beethoven & Bach (music), Pele (sports), Bill Gates (I.T.), Graham Bell (technology) and Thomas Edison (invention).

Many conventional schools generally teach students without necessarily helping them to discover and develop their talents. At The Livingsprings Schools, we believe that every child is born with God-given talents. No matter how dull a child may be, he must be good at something. The Livingsprings Schools systematically helps all its learners to discover and develop their gifts to fulfil God’s full purpose for their lives. We recognize that some children are more talented than others, hence, our learning systems are structured for personalized instruction based on individual pace of learning.

The end result is that our graduates are not just paper-qualified. They acquire skills based on their inborn talents for future development as they advance their education and will be leading lights in their various callings.

Dynamic & Stimulating Learning Environment

In the context of improvement, The Livingsprings Schools continuously strives  to be the best and remain the best. The quality of the learning environment makes a big the difference to child development. As the wise saying goes, "Environment is everything". Consequently, we continuously strive to create and retain an environment that is exceptionally dynamic as well as stimulating.

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