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The School Curriculum

The Livingsprings Schools curriculum is an integrated curriculum based on American Christian education, British and Nigerian curricula. The school’s co-curricular program is intended to shape the learning experience of our pupils by introducing innovative approaches to support their development in mental drills, scripture memorization, drama, scouting and camping, sports and games, playing of musical instruments, singing, dancing and swimming. In essence, our co-curricular program promotes the participation of our pupils in activities that complement academic training with physical, social and spiritual development initiatives aimed at 360 degrees development of the total man.

The Livingsprings Schools curriculum has the following characteristics:

 •               it acknowledges the statutory and spiritual rights of a child to be educated;
 •               it defines the content of instructions and sets attainment targets for learning;
 •               it defines how performance will be evaluated and reported;
 •               it gives teachers, pupils, parents, and other stakeholders a clear and shared

​                  understanding ​of the skills and knowledge that our pupils will acquire in school;
 •               it allows the school to meet the learning needs of each pupil.

The objectives of the curriculum include the following:​


 •               to ensure pupils develop from an early age the essential literacy and numeracy skills;
 •               to allow pupils to learn at their own pace according to their respective aptitude;
 •               to allow teachers exercise their discretion to find the best ways to inspire in their pupils

                  a joy and commitment to learning that will last a life time;
 •               to discover the innate talents of the pupils and work with them to nurture and unleash

                  their potentials; and
 •               to equip our pupils to emerge as leaders of influence destined to change their world.

In general, our curriculum represents a total experience for pupils and teachers alike to achieve the objectives of elementary education program.

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