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Our Vision :              "To be best in class by global academic standard and produce leaders of influence destined to change their world."

Best In Class

Being best in class by global academic standards for measuring performance of schools. Reference points would be:


::                                        quality of teachers, teacher training and development programmes;


::                                        quality of graduates from the school in terms of character, academic

                                          attainments, talent development and international competitiveness; ​


::                                        modern and continuously improving technology-driven teaching

​                                          systems to enhance staff productivity and unleash the talents of

​                                          learners;


::                                        provision of excellent facilities for extra-curricula activities.

We will benchmark ourselves against international performance standards. We will continuously research new developments and techniques in early childhood education in other parts of the world, match and surpass them through ground-breaking initiatives. In this regard, we will submit ourselves to periodic audit and evaluation by international professional bodies and inspectorates. Livingsprings is technically supported by the South African Regional Office of the Colorado Springs USA-based Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Leaders Of Influence

The world is short of leaders of positive influence. The problem is aggravated in Africa where shortage of visionary leaders of influence is largely responsible for the gross under-development of the continent. At Livingsprings, we see this vacuum as an opportunity for us to breed future leaders with divine mandate to lead by example and influence positive change in their environment.

World Changers

There is a lot waiting to be changed in our world. There are projects waiting to be conceived, championed and executed to make the world a better place to live in. There are inventions waiting for inventors who can take the bold step that will lead to their discovery. The world is waiting for leading lights in every area of human endeavour. The world is waiting for reformers who can lead change and mobilize support for change at all levels of the social strata. At The Livingsprings Schools, we dream of a world where our scholars will be leading change agents. By the time our scholars graduate, they will aspire to be at the top, pursuing God’s purpose for their lives and the vision to change their world.

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